Where are you located?
We live in Israel and are available via a local USA phone call or by e mail.

What areas do you service?
We presently serve Jerusalem, Modiin, Tel Aviv, Netanya and Herzelia (and all areas in between).

What sets your company apart from the rest?
Having been in the customer service business in New York for over 20 years, we know how to treat our clients. We will fulfill all of your requests, and we will make suggestions and recommendations for services you may have overlooked.

Who performs the property inspections?
Suzanne or Gary Wallin will personally inspect your property a minimum of twice per month.
You will receive a monthly email report updating the status of the property.

Who performs maintenance and other services?
We have a number of specialized servicemen who we will take bids from and hire on your behalf.
Our goal is to have all work completed in a timely manner and at the right price.

How do we pay our bills in Israel?
We can pay bills on your behalf using either an American or Israeli credit card, or we can write checks on
your behalf from your account. You will receive email balance updates on your account every two months.

Can you help me get an Israeli cell phone or a USA phone number at my property?
We are your complete resource for all communication needs. Not sure if your Blackberry will work? We provide expert and friendly customer support and answers to all of your questions. And did we mention hand holding?

What if a guest wants to stay at my property but I am in USA?
We will meet any guests either at your property or at the airport and will provide them with the keys,
give them a guided tour, and help them with any aspect of their stay at your property.

How will I insure my property?
We work with the finest insurers in Israel who will inventory your premises and provide you with peace of mind. We can arrange installation of alarm and remote monitoring video equipment so you can view your premises online from any location in the world.

Can you get me a home theater system put in for the kids to enjoy?
From plasma and LCD screens, to surround sound, we will arrange purchase, delivery and installation
of your home theater.

Who deals with the co-op board (Vaad Bayit), or the municipal taxes or the water heater?
We will take care of all these details on your behalf.

If I am landing the day before a holiday, how will I arrange food or a Succah?
Relax….you’re on vacation. The food will be in your refrigerator, and the Succah will be built on
your mirpeset (patio).

What if I want new appliances but don’t know where to begin?
Through our resources, we will find appliances that will suit your home, décor and budget. From a refrigerator, washer or oven, to a hot water urn and hot plate, we are your source for all home appliances.

How can you help me find a home in Israel?
Based on your requirements, we will search on your behalf for the location, size, and the amenities you are looking for. We will e mail pictures and specs as well as estimates for any remodeling that may be desired to customize your property into the vacation home of your dreams.

Can you arrange a driver or tour guide?
We will arrange all services that will make your stay a true vacation. Be a guest in your own home.
We are here for you.

Even a massage??
Yes! We even have a masseuse, and for that matter a manicurist or hair stylist, that will come to your home. Everything to assure you a dream vacation in your dream home in Israel.